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Roach Egg Invasion “Huevos Roacheros” LP (1985)

roach egg

I have always questioned the hype surrounding some of those obscure Punk records people shell out hundreds of dollars for.  Granted, some of those discs are God and almost worth it, but I’m not so sure about some of those records. But to each his own and it’s not my money being pissed away, now is it?  I’ll use this record as a case in point, as I can pretty much bet you won’t be seeing it on any want lists any time soon and it will most likely never be worth much more than the five dollars I paid for it.  Actually, I have to admit that this thing found it’s way to the bottom of my shit heap shortly after I found it, but years later its brilliance became more apparent and, for all intents and purposes, it captures the whole Punk Rock thing quite nicely—actually much better than most bands in my opinion.


For one thing, these guys can’t play for shit—I especially like the fact that the bass player only seems to know one lick and manages to play it in just about every song.  Secondly, they were too cheap to pay for studio time so they recorded the thing live, complete with retardo comments between songs that I find hilarious, but not as hilarious as their song lyrics, which become a little more clear with repeated listens. And, lastly, I think the entire record captures the whole small city / town punk thing quite well, and that is supposedly what all that KBD shit is about in the first place.  This band hailed from the cultural Mecca of Wichita, Kansas and my guess is they must have been the toast of the town back in 1985.  A pox on those who can’t appreciate this record—you truly have your heads jammed up your rectums.  Trust me, this thing gets a little better every time you play it!


Punk Rocker

I Hate The USA


My personal favorites were Time Bomb and Subliminal Sex Criminal… There is NO escape!

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Vicious Dave, lost since the 80’s, drop me an e-mail.

I have a few copies of the “3D EP” (Mumbles, Blivets, Klyde Conner, R.Egg I. ETC…) if anyone is interested…

Peace and Love,
Bitchin’ Bob

Nice to hear from you. I was hoping to hear from someone involved with this band. I’m having computer difficulties at the moment, but I’ll get with you on that EP when I get my rig back in order. Love that record, dude! Been trying to grow the Roach Egg Army, but so far I’m only up to two–and I’m one of them!

Just by chance could Bitchin’ Bob still have the same email address??!! If so please reply.

I don’t Know where Dave is but I’m Tommy’s niece Jackie. I haven’t talked to him or his brothers for years since their brother John my dad died. If you get in touch with Tommy please give him my love and my email. Thank you.

hi jackie this is tom e-mail tnt669@hotmail.com miss you too

I really loved watching these guys and hanging out with them. Been looking for an album rip for a long long time. Ever since my turn table died. Thank you very much for posting this little gem from Wichita. Pete

HAHAHA YEEEEAAAH! This IS badass-Take one part Plasmatics (vox) mixed with the earliest Sin 34 (tech proficiency) sans computer noises! =Good beer drinkin time!>I would like some Huevos Rancheros now>sweet poop man>JH

Yeah, this is a great LP–I almost wish I had held off posting it until later in the blog, when more people could see it. This may not be your standard ’77-’83 be-bop shit, but it is still Punk as fuck and the enthusiasm really comes through. It really is a nice time capsule and the ATTITUDE is perfectly captured. More people should be downloading this one, but it is pearls before swine, as they say. At least I’m not the swine for once!

My dad is thumpin tommyy… He was the bass player in this band. I listened to the songs and I have to say… Not bad! I’m sure you will be glad to know he is still playing. Mostly for his grandchildren though!

All bands should be as good as these guys.

Lookin for Thumpin Tom…to jam with Vicious Dave in July

Randi, you probably don’t remember me but I’m Tommy’s niece Jackie, John’s daughter. I live in Kansas City now and haven’t spoken to your dad in years but I would like to reconnect with my family. If you would please forward my email from this site. Thank You,

This is magical, Mr. Poopy.

save rock from ruin BOYCOTT ROACH EGG INVASION

I was 15 or 16 when I heard them play. It was an inspiration to hear them live. Bands like Roach Egg Invasion, The Mumbles, the Blivets and Variation Wave were all early encouragement to lead me to where and what I do today. So, Bob Bitchin, Thumpin’ Tommy and the rest, if you get a chance to read this, THANK YOU! save rock from ruin BOYCOTT ROACH EGG INVASION

Any idea how I can get my hands on some stuff by those bands? Tried getting a hold of Bob, but no response. Any info on that scene anywhere? Your old scene appears to be very obscure.

I had forgotten about places like the 3D Klub where they used to play. I don’t know if this article can help http://www.johneberly.com/mumbles_01.htm but it does have some info on the scene at that time.

To be honest I was never really able to go to see the bands most of the time because I was not old enough to go to bars.
OH! MAN! Terry Mott used to DJ during that time. Our College station KMUW used to have After Midnight. THAT’S where I was exposed to all of this. Terry is on Facebook. You might ask her about the music as the show was forced to stop airing. I would bet $1 that she would at least know something – the stories SHE could tell are some i would love to hear about that time. Feel free to email me if I can help in any way.

Those are some solid leads–thanks!

Vicious Dave’s first ex here so I know where he was from about 85- the early 90’s. Trying to get ahold of Bob as I ended up with a VHS of a live performance of the band marked as the mono demo. Thanks to technology, I can hopefully finally get it back to one of it’s rightful owners.

With Gratitude,
Just Jenn

How about uploading some of that footage to YouTube?

I played in a band with Dave in 1991 at the time of the 1st gulf war and all those nutty green tv images. We played one gig but the practices at his arlington, tx pad were cool (at least when you went out side..haha). He had one crazy ass limo with Why Ask Why painted on the side. I lost the Roach Egg album in my many moves in the last 20 years (along with many other rare ones). Dave gave it to me for free back in the day.

if Bob Tommy Charlotte or Dave emails me with their blessing, I will But, I’d like to respect their property. This isn’t something I taped, this was theirs. It’s a VHS but luckily, I’ve got the capabilities to digitize it if need be.

WOW thanks for the all the comments. 3-D [all ages] club we had a lots of great bands come threw.then medi found out and turn the under ground to above ground. and when black flag came rolling to town so did the fire marshall, wichita PD two songs into there set we were shut down ever to open again. the scene faded away. looking back to at that time still get me hard, good times. justjenn did I know you? refesh my memory.you have my blessing but I am just one. If you do make it subliminal sex criminal. e-mail me for more ?????s thumpin” tommy.

TT- we met once, when Dave and I made a trip up with Mark. it was brief. I’m sure you wouldn’t remember. we spent more time with Bob and Charlotte. it might actually have been at their place when we were taking home that crazy ass limo, that I met you. I remember it was at someone’s house. might have been at someone’s party with a white fence. Seems like there was always a lot of killer weed in town when we showed up so memories from over 20 years ago get a bit fuzzy.

I’d really like to get this VHS back to a band member where it belongs and let you guys decide what you want to do with it. Let me know what you want me to do.

With Gratitude,
Just Jenn

tt, did you ever get that tape from Jennifer? This is Dave’s wife and he was looking for it.
Thanks, Loreen

TT – Get ahold of us if you are still out there somewhere! VD

The vocals remind me of Poly Styrene (R.I.P.) ,of X-Ray Spex.Thanks Mr. Poopy

G O D http://sluggisha.blogspot.com

I’d like to hear some Mumbles ,got any?

I’m currently pestering the bass player to try to hook me up, but he doesn’t even have the thing. No one has heard of that EP and no copies turn up, but it did exist. It believe it was called the “3D Klub EP”.

I have copy’s of the 3-D EP I’d be happy to make them available to anyone that wants one! BoB and Charlotte & REI Rule the roost!!!! Long Live Woody’s Back Door.

I sent you an email. Me want.

Hey Bo, John Eberly from The Mumbles here. Not only would I LOVE a copy of that ep (I have ca$h), do you have any idea what happened to that live Embarrassment recording from New Year’s Eve 1989 at Dewey Coleman’s place? I played sax on a few tunes w/them that night…Anyway, good to see you’re still alive and kickin’! Rock on!!

Hey, dude I spared you some grief and forwarded your comment to Clifford via email and deleted the email address you left in your original comment. You really don’t want to leave an email address laying around on this blog–it gets crawled and trawled hard. Having all kinds of problems lately, and I’ve never post a comment until I reviewed it. Now for the music: I suppose I need to get off my ass and put that EP up, huh? Give me a week to get my shit together–I’ll shoot for by next Friday at midnight! If I promised any sooner I’d be lying.

Mr poopy, if you get an ep, can you post it in mp3 form? I’ve got one but haven’t hooked up my turntable to get it ripped yet. Surfin’ in Hell is worth all the effort.

I use to have a copy of Roach Egg Invasion – Huevos Rancheros given to me personally by David Foe, Dave Crawford, Vicous Dave (the drummer). I played guitar in a short lived band with him at an old siding house he was renting in early 1991 in Arlington, TX – The band lasted about as long as The 1st Gulf War – 3 or 4 months. I lost that album (along with many others in many moves) but I wish I still had it. The band was called Schitzophrenic Poodle by the way. Somebody may have some cassette tape records of it, I know I don’t. Best of luck to Dave and the rest of the Invasion where ever they are. The Poodle played one gig in Deep Ellum (Dallas) and was done. As in stick a fork in me…haha

I played with Dave in a short lived band called Schtizophrenic Poodle in 1991. It was the time of the first gulf war with all those nutty green pics from Iraq. I had some good times. He had one crazy ass 1970s limo that when I knew him had the Bud Beer phrase of the time “Why Ask Why” painted on it. I lost the Roach Egg album in my many moves. Best of luck to Dave and the rest.

I just today found the link to this blog over at Hardcore Zen posted by motel todd above. I loved the Roach Eggs (and still have that lp) and have fond memories of Woody’s Backdoor days when my band The Mumbles played w/them. Last time I saw Bob was at a gig I had at Kirby’s Beer Store maybe 5-6 years ago (or more)… he took me out to his truck where his kid was sleeping and woke him up to play something on a violin for me. He and Charlotte had split up, I think. “Punk Rocker” sounds like Capt. Beefheart! Hello to all old friends here…

Huh. I just left a comment that didn’t appear. This is John E, singer from The Mumbles. If I can figure out how to do it, I’ll share any/all of my archive of our music here with anybody.

This is John E, singer from The Mumbles. If I can figure out how to do it, I’ll share any/all of my archive of our music here with anybody. I ran across motel todd’s post on Hardcore Zen this afternoon with the link to this blog (thanks mt!).

The good days at Woodies and 3D Klub! Man did we pull some pranks, I remember the call from the cutting lab in NYC when the engineer realized what he had on hid hands, he told me he rarely became attached to mastering projects but the Eggs really got to him. In his words “The songs are fabulous Meatless Stew would be the obvious single and “Subliminal Sex Criminal” the flip side, why cant NYC bands grow balls like this, cant believe how this record flows and I would love to have been in the audience at Woodies”. I remember recording the show to 4 track tape in my bus in the back parking lot with Ken Cordes and a half gallon of Jack Daniels. Charlotte was on fire, I love her voice. The record does indeed hold up well.

You deserve some sort of reward for putting this beauty up. It didn’t hit me the first couple of plays I gave it but now – just wow!
I like this band better than The Plasmatics but Charlotte sure sounds like she could fill in for Wendy O!!

I totally agree. Not your stereotypical buzzsaw Punk or HC, but the attitude and energy really comes across after you play it a few times. But, like I said when I originally posted it, you’ll probably never find the record swine killing themselves for it.

Holy catfood. I actually bought this LP NEW at a record store in Austin back in the 80’s. Then I moved to Oakland CA and my house burned down (Oakland hills fire in ’91) and my hundreds of records went up into the atmosphere. This is one of the many I have never been able to replace!

Can I get an MP3, Mr P? I found this link just a few weeks after megaupload’s demise. I will gladly offer physical or monetary goods to you or the band for such an exchange. Oh please Oh please Oh please?

Done. I’m slowly getting the old posts uploaded. Mediafire hasn’t been cooperating, but I assume a lot of people are using their resources at the moment.

I have a FEW of these sealed copy’s left (full length LP), handed to me by Charlotte her very fine self! back in the day. I can be reached @ 801-870-4352. I would like A contribution to the Thro the bums out of office and fuck career politicians in the pie hole PAC in order to obtain said rare recording. Thank you very much, vote for me , write me in next to Ron Paul.

Wow, what a collection of commenters. Dave and I made music together for many years before and after this era. (unlistenable punkish bands, KC & the BL, Eleven-11, The later 11-Eleven! based in DFW) We actually lived in the 3D while it was open. So many great bands came through. The Asexuals, and The Pressure Boys being some of my personal favorites.

Myself, Peat, Dave and others are having a bit of a trip down memory lane on FB at the moment. Posting old flyers pictures and such. Pete is a master archivist. He has pictures of the frick’in Regulator Guys Show! It was a great time in Wichita, KMUW After Midnight, The 3D, Woody’s Back Door… Roach Egg was definitely a key element. *wave* JustJenn, tt, bob, hope you guys are all well.

Hey, this is awesome. I found the Roach Egg album in a tiny second hand shop in the middle of nowhere in Maui in 94…and have never seen it since, digitally or otherwise. Kudos to you. On that note. I set you a challenge. Another release I have thought about for years, a cassette only release by a band called ”Hated…And Proud”. (Apparently an early side project of one of the Fear Factory guys) Have you heard of it? Do you have it? Can you find it? (I have the cassette in storage in LA, but ive been in Europe for 15years…=/ Anyways, thanks for your work here. i appreciate it.

I wish I could help. The first thing I think of when I hear that name is Iron Cross and there were a few skinhead bands with that name. No mention on the web so it is either pretty rare or not sought after. Too bad because I would love to hit you up on how you managed to store your stuff safely for 15 years! I have a need to do something similar and I can’t find any method that I consider safe. Family won’t help. Did you see that other Roach Egg 7″ I have posted?

Rock has indeed been ruined…
Thanks for the “LOVE”, but, as Bobby Sox used to say….[RIP]

Bitching Bob…

P.S. Woody Lives

You gotta have faith, dude. The Punks and Skins are gonna unite and bring our scene back to its former glory!

Second question. Did the EP ever get uploaded? I can do it if need be.

Wow does this bring back some memories. I was going to WSU in the mid to late 80’s and remember this band well. I used to work down in Union Station Pub at the campus activity center at WSU and remember working with a gal by the name of Vicky, I think she was the sister of one of the members. I’m in Minnesota now but have a lot of great memories of Wichita and the REI. The first thing I’m going to do if I get a chance to come back and visit is make a stop at Kirby’s Beer Store….LOL. Does anyone know if Vicky still lives in Wichita or who her brother was?????

There’s 3 copies currently for sale on Discogs ( https://www.discogs.com/Roach-Egg-Invasion-Huevos-Roacheros-Live-From-Woodys-Back-Door-Tavern/release/5342478 )and oddly enough, only one is in the U.S. One ships from The Netherlands, and the other is in The Slovak Republic. I’d love to know how it got from Kansas to Slovakia.



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