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Claude Coma And The I.V’s – “Art From Sin” LP (1982)

From what I’ve been able to gather, Claude Coma was San Diego’s answer to Wayne County and the Electric Chairs, insofar as the man was a cross-dresser and an older guy with older rock influences.  While this LP came out in 1982, what we have here is more along the lines of Class of ’77 KBD-ish Punk with one notably un-Punky tune and a couple of songs that sound a bit like early Radio Birdman.  Another notable feature about this LP is that the man can clearly play guitar, but prefers playing shit Punk in lieu of showcasing his technical skill—you gotta love that!  He has been written about elsewhere on the web, for anyone who cares to find out more, but what remains unclear to me is his discography.  I’ve heard tell that this was his only album, but I know I’ve seen at least one other record.  What’s the deal?  At any rate, this is an honest Punk record from an old school Punk weirdo and it’s worth a listen.


Minimum Wage

Menace To Society

Let’s Go To Hell

And here’s the backwards message on “Let’s Go To Hell”.

Download HERE

Brother of the Piano here….. Thanks for the download. These albums are very hard to locate and to be able to download it was a ‘scratch off of the bucket list’.

Pretty sure it turns up once in a while, but I don’t really seek out the old Punk stuff. Just pick it up where I find it. Found this around 1996 or 1997 in Chicago.

Cool site! Just helping with some fact checking. The CD came out in 1980. Claude didn’t play the guitar – that was Don Story. We were on a live compilation CD called, “What’s Happening?”, in 1981. After we broke up, Claude continued on with a new cast of characters and they did record a couple of tunes we had worked up, “All Day Suckers” and “Junkman”. In an odd twist, the guitar player in the new band was also named Dave Davenport – but it’s a different guy. You can find info on Claude out there, but his details are a bit hard to find. They made an EP or 45 that I have somewhere.

He was 27 years old at the time. His chief influence was probably Root Boy Slim (his references to Baltimore/DC area are in “I spent a night at the Congress Hotel”). He was a character and a very good friend who I miss.

David Davenport (keyboards, CC & the IVs)

The story I heard was that he had health problems, drug problems, and kept all his stuff in a storage shed. Heard he was still alive, though, but in not-so-great shape. Can’t remember why I was under the impression he played the guitar. West coasters seem to like to make up up some crazy stuff sometimes–I should know better!

hi is very nice to hear claudes band again after many year i was lucky to work for him as a sound engineer back in 1982 1983 in san diego i wish i could have more tracks from this album is there a way to locate this lp ??? thanks in advance


I just picked-up a copy of this LP on orange vinyl. I have not had time to give it a spin.

Orange on mine, too. Probably all.

I knew Claude after he played with the IV’s. He was in a band called the Love Monsters and also Coma and Savage, a spoken word duo. I remember the Love Monsters doing a song about the KMart blue light special and another called You Can’t Kill a Zombie. I believe after that, he had another band and had a record come out but I don’t remember the name of the band. I believe he lives in LA now.

I think he performed in Black Witch or something like that…maybe six years ago.

Have not heard anything about him since.

Been looking for this one for years, thank you for sharing!!



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