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Tony Randall and Lynn Redgrave – “The Power Is You” LP (1979)

As a cynical bastard, there’s nothing more fun than throwing stones and insults at some desperate characters seeking to save the world through their religion or political group or what-have-you.  Of course, the problem with all these people is that, once you get down to brass tacks, all of their brilliant schemes for saving humanity and peace on earth seem to hinge on everyone agreeing on some key point or points, failing to realize that, if people were innately capable of collectively achieving that condition on a global scale, we wouldn’t have all these problems in the first place.  But you gotta love them for trying, although some of these characters can really get on one’s nerves.

So here we have Felix Ungar and Georgy Girl attempting to bring light and spiritual uplifting to our troubled species and, in truth, it’s really hard to knock them, prick that I am.  Basically, they offer some pretty sensible advice that transcends religious dogma.  Unfortunately, they use the medium of Broadway show tunes to convey it, making this a very odd listen.  Even more odd is that this came out in 1979—way past the point where this sort of Hippie love-your-brother philosophy was in vogue.   In fact, by that time, people were getting good and ready to start hating each other again and indulge in a nice healthy streak of selfishness and materialism!

Love the cover art on this one, as well: a rainbow blasting into the top of some sexually ambiguous human’s skull and leaking out it’s tits and hands.  Or is the rainbow blasting out of the skull?  You see it your way; I’ll see it mine.  I can’t help but wonder if there was some sort of stage show or TV special that went along with this thing, but I’ve never found any evidence to confirm this.  A train wreck?  This thing starts bouncing off the tracks about ten seconds into it!




We’ve Got To Get Back To Basics

The Human Spirit

Make People Laugh

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Hey Cool Man,

Tony Randall…a class act all the way. He lived in Minneapolis near the end, downtown I believe and he frequented the Opera and did some shows with them I believe although not sure in what capacity but that was when Bobby McFerrin was conducting and living in a nice mansion on the inner city lakes there. R.I.P. Tony as he was quite active up to the end and made the papers time to time doing good deeds. Thanks PoopsandtheMaytals:>}

Tony Randall is dead? I’m always the last to know.



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