18 Apr 2010, 2:25pm
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Prophet Of Hate – “Death Can’t Wait For You To Die” Cassette (198?, 199?)

This is another one of those recordings that sounds a lot better now than when it came out—whenever that was.  I can’t find out a thing about these guys (guy?) other than they (he?) hailed from the mean streets of Glendale, AZ.  Well, whoever was behind this project, they sure did hate a lot—they even went so far as to spell it out all over the back cover of the cassette.  And, throughout the songs, you can really tell these guys are busting their asses to sound all scary and hateful—it’s just too darn bad that it’s rendered completely impotent by the inherently retarded bounciness and bopiness of the music!  Only three songs and one instrumental on this goofy Goth / Synth / Punk mess and it’s over all too fast.  Fun stuff.



Death Can’t Wait

Wicked Death

Blood Bath


Download  HERE

This is now one of my favorite blogs! Awesome work.

I’m starting to go through your site right now–I’ll be in touch. This blog is my PG13 version–I’m not always this nice! I did other stuff under another name that would be much more to your liking.

not to be uninformed Mr. Poopy, what would that blog-under-another-name have been?

I used to do a zine–it isn’t online.

I have this demo. I got it responding to a add he had in MMR in the early 90’s. He also included his new demo at the time and it was even better! I ended losing the second demo in a car wreck and really want to hear it again. It had a song on it called curse of the pharoh or something like that. It was really good!

Thanks for the info–I couldn’t find squat about these guys!

or was it face of the pharoh



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