El Duce – “Booze and Broads” Cassette (1992)

This is another one of those tapes The Mentors put out on their own dime and I actually hadn’t planned on posting this originally, as I figured someone would put this stuff on CD or something by now, for it is of much better sound quality than the later tapes I posted earlier.  As a stallion must be free to roam, so too must the musical genius be free to express himself to his full potential and here we find The Master and Dr. Scum experimenting with a couple musical styles that didn’t make their way to any of the official Mentors records for some unfathomable reason.  There is a little bit of acoustical guitar present on some tracks and they even take a stab at a soft rock-styled love ballad on “Sneak Away From Yer Man” and, indeed, it’s a touching little ditty that should serve as great background music for those intimate moments alone with that special someone.  Fans of more traditional Mentors fare might give “Punishment Time” the vote for top pick on this one, but my personal fave would have to be “I Wanna Ball Yer Daughter” for reasons I don’t care to discuss, other than acknowledging that it has to be one of the most ridiculous, perverted and generally rotten expressions of wishful thinking the man ever laid down.  Truly one of his best!


Sneak Away From Yer Man

I Wanna Ball Yer Daughter

Punishment Time

Download  HERE

Thanks Mr. Poopikins. This here planet we (co)exist on can never have enough rape rock on the www to satisfy me, but you’re doing your fair share to ensure this hate crime ends sooner than later… A bit upgrade for me on this one.. And thx again for the 7″ link a couple months back… now, GET ON IT!!!

Yeah, it is a crime. First because these masterpieces are out of print and second because no one else had enough class to post these recordings years ago.

Do you have Duce’s last recording? The band Gardy Loo? I must send it along if you don’t.

Yes, I have that one but, embarrassingly, there are two recordings that I do not own. There was a live cassette that came out in 1991 that I had completely forgotten about until I was going though some old stuff a year ago. I also failed to buy the Dr. Heathen Scum solo cassette that came out around 1992 or so. Anyone help a brotha out here?

damn, poopy you’ve turned me into a mentors fan

You have now been rendered pure. Prior to Mentors fandom you were unclean.

There’s one more old tape worth hearing and it’s the first one, “El Duce: The Man, The Myth, The Legend”. It was his first solo cassette and it’s the best one, but it appears to be in print to some degree so I’m not planning on posting it at the moment. Heathen Scum wound up doing a bunch of Mentors-styled solo and group efforts that are all dumb as fuck, but listenable. I recently picked up this one called “Songs Of Sex And Love”, which is a collaboration between Dr. Scum and El Duce’s daughter, Hammergirl. Apparently, he knocked up some broad over in Europe back in the day and now she’s grown up and carrying on the family tradition. The thing is totally retarded and sounds like they recorded it in two separate studios, like Scum was writing the basic song and she was adding her own stuff as she saw fit. She kind of looks like her dad, too, but with jugs!

Haha, funny, but not true about EL Duce’s daughter. Hammergirl is Helen is related to one of the guys in Hammerhawk (hence the name Hammergirl). Hammerhawk was a good old Dutch metal band. I also have the Heathen Scum cassette, but not sure if I have the capability to transfer it to digital format. It’s easily his best solo effort. He’s released a ridiculous amount of stuff over the years, ranging from good to well….not so good lol. Good to see he’s keepin’ at it after all this time. As for the Mentors….well, it doesn’t seem like Sickie’s playing with em’ much at this point (usually have a fill in)…..A Duce-less Mentors was a tough pill to swallow for many a fan, but they pulled it off well. No sure Sickie-less is appropriate.

Curious why they said it was her daughter, though. Although, I guess it would help sell the thing–it’s a great concept! And she kind of looks like him a little. As for the CD, it’s a guilty pleasure. I use an iPod for a car stereo and that thing is always on it, so I guess that says something! I’d love to hear that first Heathen Scum cassette–been wanting to hear it for a long time.

Might you have any clue where I can acquire a copy of the Booze and Broads cassette? It seems quite impossible to find!

Aside from eBay or GEMM.com, definitely no. I bought it when it came out and really haven’t seen it around since. I’ve been looking for a copy of the first Heathen Scum solo cassette that came out around the same time for years and, like B & B, haven’t seen a copy since it came out. There was also a live cassette on Mind Boggler around that time that I’ve never heard to my knowledge. Some fan I am!



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