Son Of Mississippi – “Flight NAACP 105 / The Voice Of Alabama” (196?)

And we’ll finish off this series with another record from the notorious Reb Rebel label.  I’ve found a few copies of this one, with a variety of covers and different flipsides.  I’ve also heard a different version of “Flight NAACP 105”, but I only have a bootleg copy of it.  Anyway, as I have been lead to believe, this was a fairly popular comedy recording down South back in the day and many of these records were pressed.  As I realize most of you mouse-clickers have no attention spans to speak of, I’ll detail what the skit is about.  What we have is a couple drunk Amos and Andy rejects trying to fly a plane, one of whom sharing the last name of a certain activist who was causing a fuss at the time.  The plane is getting low on gas, so they call the control tower to find a place to land, where some redneck dude steers them into the side of a mountain.  Now, I believe I’ve stated elsewhere that some comedy doesn’t stand the test of time, right?  And who was Amos and Andy you ask?  Just forget it.  The flip is another political statement like the Happy Fats stuff I posted last year.


Flight NAACP 105

The Voice Of Alabama

Download HERE

I have this record i found it in my dads things just wanted to know if it was worth anything? i herd this record so much as a litte girl and i;m now 47 so please just let me know thanks so much.
Barbara Mason.

Probably $20-$25 if you sell it at a record show or online. No less than $15. Some guys try to get much more and maybe they do, but I’d say $20-$25 is the going rate right now, depending on the condition. They made a lot of them and it was re-issued a few times–it’s an oddity, but not as obscure as you might think. I’d hang onto it unless you are really hard up for cash–they ain’t makin’ any more of them and it will only increase in rarity. Weird racist stuff will always sell.

“herd” A definite “Cracker”! All ya Po’ White Trash done go vote fer Romney & Ryan! Playing this shit to your kid? One should be prosecuted for child abuse!

I love this song

Some people can’t accept how it was in those days and my friends do we hunt fish and work for our stuff.we don’t need a handout. We cling to our religion and GUNS we always carry our GUNS



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