18 Aug 2012, 9:16pm
90's Punk / HC


The Great Australian Fuckwit EP – “V/A” CD (1999)

It’s not big secret to me, at least, that the PC Police does, in fact, monitor this site for whatever reason.  I’ll assume it’s because they like it, right?  And here I thought I was holding back the dogs.  Hell, I know I am!  I spent well over a couple of decades around you clowns and if you want to pretend that I don’t have your number, that’s just fine and dandy.  Your rhetoric bears no weight.  So, with that in mind, let’s unleash some mindless garbage of no apparent musical or social value to celebrate our noble crusade for free speech!

Obviously, the bands on this recording are from Australia and, obviously, the dingoes ate their babies, prompting them to record this piece of ridiculousness.  The lyrics are pretty funny, too, and I did a high-res scan so you can all sing along.  The Blurters and Rupture should be known by most, although this is the only thing I’ve ever heard by Stanley Knife.  I tend to be pretty picky when it comes to bands that attempt this sort of schlock, but this one always worked for me for some reason, although I had totally forgotten about it until someone gave me some Rupture a few weeks ago.  Pretty decent for something less than 25 years old!

We All Hate Personal Computers


Rupture – Fuckin Faggot

Stanley Knife – Horse

The Blurters – Redneck Cunt

Download HERE

hey bubba. what prompted you to call out the pc po-po? been getting some e-mails or something i imagine? this isn’t a complaint or anything but when you intro’d that way, i expected you to blow our faces off with something extremely offensive to both the ears and mind.

Nah, I’m not going to be posting any of the real nasties on this site. I decided that a long time ago. People who want to hear that stuff can find it elsewhere. There are some musical tastes you can try to sell to people and some that just won’t fly. The wannabe Atticus Finch’s of the world fail to see the humor in it and offending them is like shooting fish in a barrel. Half-tempted to post that first Ethnic Cleansing 7″, though……..

Got any more Rupture? Fucking great shit, first time I’m hearing em.

Maybe a 7″ somewhere, but that shit is a mess right now and has been for years. No order and all the genres mixed together. One of those projects I keep thinking I’ll have time for….

Kind of feel like there is a whole plethora of Aussie bands that I’ve never really delved into. Like Rupture or Cosmic Psychos, mainly know of the bigger first wave stuff that is mostly under the Birdman umbrella. Ever come across The Sick Things? Tracks like “committed to suicide” and “I like Pills”, awesome thug punk there.



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