Joe Aufricht – “Mockery & Perversion” Cassette (1995)

Mockery and Perversion

If this Blog accomplishes nothing else, it will be that the world will finally get to hear all the Joe Aufricht tapes.  Not that the world is dying to hear it mind you, and you may wish you were dead after about ten minutes of this shit!  Parts of the “Perversion” side of this tape have been kicking around the web for a while, but now you clowns get to hear the whole thing.  Honestly, I couldn’t guess at the number of times I’ve listened to Side One of this tape—I’d definitely say a lot—possibly nearing the triple digits.  I kid you not.  But I’m not alone in my love of this tape and Mr. Aufricht should take a bow for amusing us far more than we deserve.

I’ll confess I’m a little clumsy at explaining this thing, but what Joe says in the first couple sentences of Side One pretty much sums it up, whether you realize it or not.  The uninitiated may listen to this and think they are listening to some guy trying to be weird / offensive / sophomoric and while, indeed, it does sound like that, I can assure you that you are dead wrong to think so.  Understand that and clear your mind of all illusions to the contrary.  Joe is not joking around on this thing—he is totally serious.  Once you have fully grasped that fact, it starts to take on entirely new dimensions and the real fun begins. This thing really smacks you in the back brain and, if it doesn’t, then you are not being honest with yourself or, perhaps, you’re a woman.  Realize that this only makes sense to Joe and that it is only meaningful to Joe and that he could care less if it means anything to anybody else but him.  If you can’t get through this tape, the other ones below will be even tougher.

Joe also plays guitar in a Black Metal band called Satanicon, despite the fact that he has to be almost fifty years old by now and, no doubt, the mentally fit, rational members of that community are doing wonders for the guy!  Hail Satanic Youthfulness!

Inside Cover

Inside Cover

Download HERE

Hello Poopy
and may I say what an excellent site you have! I got the Nervous Gender lp. I’ve always loved their twist on things-you know the instrumentation is demented and inspired…the band actually played two weeks ago in hollywood. But alas, the Zeroes were playing the same night!!Talk about a sophies choice! there was no way to choose cleanly, but the Zeroes are less arty-shit core than Nervous G nowadays…Thank you and hope you stick around! If you want to stir-up some trouble downunderground.ning is a place where I and other punkish devotays hand out and post stuff we like…maybe you’ll ck it out>>>Jugghead

Yeah, I’ll stop by when I get a second. Actually, there was another “Zero” band that is of interest to me. I’ll be putting up the 1st EP by these guys at some point. Ever heard these guys?:

HA! That’s some crazy flashback-never heard ’em before. I liked their first song better than the second one though-Truly worthy of your sites moniker! That’s three Zero’s, wait four:Zeroes(San Diego) The 123 Zeros(?), Zero “O” Double Zero, and “OO”. The (San Diego) Zeroes are my favorite though, I saw ’em at the Troubador last month-great show with the Muffs. I’m goin to see Agent Orange and D.I. at a small show here in Hollywood…Thank you again man! Keep on Poopin!

shit man, my boyfriend and i have been looking for these for YEARS! rock the fuck on!

I know what you mean. I’ve been looking for a can of “ACME Anti-Stick” for years, as well.

Thanks for upping this, looks fucking amazing, haha! Can’t wait to hear. Glad there’s more blogs out there releasing obscure shit like this.

Your life is about to take a turn for the better, buddy! I’ll be scouring your blog shortly. This guy has similar bad taste and hails from the same area I got a lot of this stuff from:

the mom of Joe Aufricht has just passed on at age 88 yrs old..his dad Joe Sr. been dead for 6 yrs now as of this post he died June 1, 2005..Dolores Aufricht past on April 12, 2011 and wake is monday April 18 and funeral is April 19 at Busch Funeral Home in Rocky river ohio 21369 Center Ridge RD. OBIT already online and will also be in local newspaper the Cleveland Plain Dealer. this posted by Joe Aufricht (thats me!) by the way I have new recording avaiable for now on tape/cassette only until someone out there who has thing to take from tape to cdr comes along to newest is “Satanic Trailer Trash” :
$4 cash only $6 outside USA.. send to:
Joe Aufricht
P.O. Box 676
Lakewood, Ohio 44107

You will be receiving my money shortly. I can rip it for you–free of charge.

This is at times reminiscent of Food Fortunata’s performance on “Food Fortunata Wastes 30 Minutes Of Your Time” on my blog at
Also reminds me of Dr. Michiu Kaku in the voice.Great stuff,I’d like to hear the new one.Sounds very interesting.

Hey **** have u made mp3s or cdr copy of my newest recording “Satanic Trailer Trash” yet? its me Joe Aufricht himself now age 50!

Never use my real name. I sent you a personal email.

I keep getting file corruption errors whenever I try to extract this.

It seems to be working OK, but who knows? I stuck it on Mediafire for you:

26 Jun 2011, 3:10pm
by PhantomGuitarist

I laughed so much I cried. Horny With A Chick is a work of utter genius. So glad I stumbled upon this site. Will be plundering this a fair bit I’d imagine. If I use anything on here for my sample based music stuff I’ll send you links etc…

Yeah, I’m a real stickler for copyrights, dude! 🙂

26 Jun 2011, 5:31pm
by PhantomGuitarist


You’re not going to believe this but I have lost all night hunting for some articles about this. I wish I knew of this site earlier, it was a good read and really helped me out. Have a good one

I don’t have the record, but I saw something like that on eBay. It appears the younger generations have failed to carry the torch for music like this–we need to resurrect Rape Rock!



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