Torpedos Live Show December 1st 2012!

Well, it appears the original members of The Torpedos started practicing together again and got their act together for a final hurrah Saturday, December 1st on the south side of Chicago.  Having never met these clowns, I make no promises as to what you’ll be in for.  You most likely won’t be seeing this show advertised in the Reader or anywhere else on the web unless there are people from the Chicago area who read this thing and choose to spread the word around.  Please do.  With that in mind, I’m guessing it is already been passed around by word of mouth to other dudes from the era who will be dusting off the old leather  for a night of  booze and nostalgia.  Seeing as this blog gets virtually no publicity and the band doesn’t feel like advertising, I’ll be interested to see how many serious current or ex-Punkers from outside the South Side are curious enough to check it out.  Based on my 11 years of experience with the mediocre scene in that town, I’d guess not too fuckin’ many.  Prove me wrong!

The Show:

Saturday, December 1st at 9:30 PM
Coaches Sports Bar
14650 Waverly Ave.
Midlothian, IL  60445

Download the flyer HERE

Wow, this is truly a Christmas Miracle. I’m about 9 hours east of chicago and am deadly serious about going

Dude, if you do that, they’ll make you president of the fan club! I’ll be there, but I’m gonna be square. I need to be over 5 hours south of there by Sunday morning and I can’t get out of it! Losing an hour of time due to the time zones doesn’t help.



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