GG Allin – “Sickest Of The Sick” 10″ EP (1993)


Well, it appears as if MediaFire is circling the wagons around my steadily dwindling account, giving me “strikes”, despite the fact that I have been deleting all the allegedly “copyrighted” files as they get blocked.  Or is “It Came From The Pit” suddenly a hot tamale after being out of print for over 25 years?  I’ve watched other bloggers get their accounts shut off and it seems like when MediaFire has a problem with you for whatever reason, they just start coming down on your ass for nothing and pull the plug.  Well, just get it over with, cocksuckers—as if I gave a fuck.  It also seems as though I pretty much blew the month of January for blog posts.  Oh, well.  It ain’t about quantity, but quality, right?

So we’ll start the ball rolling with an artist with whom we should all be familiar.  Found this at a record show last weekend and, while I knew this wouldn’t exactly be his best material, I threw down $18.00 on the thing, knowing that I would probably never run across it again.  My loss is your gain!  And is anyone talking about how this year will mark 20 years since this guy kicked the bucket?  Yep, time flies, and the ole Punk Rock mobile keeps sputtering along on empty.  Back when the man was still around, one of the favorite things Punkers used to like to ninny and fuss about, aside from the critical debate of whether or not it was OK to listen to Skrewdriver records, was whether or not GG was an “act” or, better still, proclaim that he was “unoriginal”, as if either of those lame arguments had anything to do with the fact that the guy was thoroughly entertaining and funny as hell.  Having outlived this individual by several years now, I suppose I can make the claim that he is nowhere near as mysterious now as he seemed to me in my teens and twenties.  He wasn’t entirely stupid and I think what trumps all arguments put forth by the ninnies and naysayers was that he did, in fact, make a conscious decision to spend what he had for all it was worth and, while the way in which he chose to do it may not have been everyone’s cup of tea, it was a choice to live in the moment, in real time, for himself.  Or perhaps he should have just kept his job as a janitor?  Nope.  GG passed up the carrot and grabbed the stick for all it was worth.  It’s always annoying when one of your favorite performers kicks the bucket, but I think many in the ranks of the anti-social related to this man and felt a real kick in the gut when he passed on.  I was bummed for months.

Anyway, this is far from his best record, limited to 1,000 copies and appears to have been put out while he was still among the living.  Or maybe not?  No mention of his death on the thing, although it’s the same year.  The “A” side, finds him being his usual, carefree, chipper self, ranting and rattling off some poetry I remember reading in some zines back in the late 80’s or early 90’s.  The “B” side has two short interviews, one of which sounds like it is at the wrong pitch, and a good live version of “Dog Shit”, that was nice to hear after all these years although, sadly, he left out the line, “shit right out of a fucking dog’s asshole”, which is the best part of the song.  That little extra bit of clarification goes a long way with me!

Rear Cover

Rear Cover


Dog Shit Live


Download HERE


Just when I think I’ve gotten all of the GG Allin stuff out there something always seems to pop up.

I remember those MRR debates about GG Allin and Skredriver to. I had a girl friend at the time that hated both. I always loved GG Allin, thought he was pretty entertaning.

I also remember in MRR people talking about treatening store owners who sold Skrewdriver records. I always thought that was pretty undemocratic. If you don’t want to listen to Skrewdriver don’t listen to skrewdriver, pretty simple. Let people decide for themselves. That’s always worked for me.

Oh well, Thanks for posting this.


Brian Guy

My favorite is “hate speech isn’t free speech”. What the fuck is that? Either you’re free to speak your mind or you’re not. The older I got, the more I realized that scene was just another set of rules and not even a good set or a smart set. It’s only gotten worse with time and the funny thing is a lot of those hate rock outfits recognize that a lot of kids aren’t buying into the egalitarian ideologies the mainline HC outfits spout and are trying to prop themselves up as an “alternative”. And, in reality, they are!

This is a posthumous release. I mail-ordered this record back in 1998 or so from piss-boy productions. The mailer it came in was made from a reused pizza box and duct-tape.I learned about its existance from an ad in MRR. That is all.

wow shit right out of a dog’s asshole…thanks. kind of regret drivin’ past the bar when he played ‘cus I didn’t want shit spewed on me ss I had the ROIR tape but later sold it. Glad I found his early stuff on the blogs.

This guy was one of the few interesting things going on in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I can’t imagine not being him to him during that time.

Those mediafire cunts deleted one of my links that was of my own shit, on copyright claims. I didn’t even copyright it (don’t know how, don’t care). Either way thanks for the GG!

Well, none of the stuff they gave me “strikes” against my account were specifically on copyright claims. They just said it “violated their terms of service” and left me to figure it out. It seemed like they were going after the ones with over 200+ downloads. At any rate, after this weekend I’ll be done with the shitheads and I’ll delete all my old stuff and proceed to upload some new stuff that will allow me to have some fun with them.

I’ve spent the new year listening to a lot of GG. thanks for this!!!

Sometimes I see stupid suburban children wearing GG Allen T shirts at bus stops, fast food establishments, and once at a library. Where the dweeby pimply adolescent asked the librarian with a bad (ass crack) tattoo if she could recommend some books about tattooing? True story! I feel sorry for these Hot Topic children! I feel even worse for their parents! Some college boys and girls I once knew went down to San Diego to see this pathetic drug addict. Here’s a link with some fond memories:

They went there with grotesque expectations of public mutilation and violence. And their dreams came true! Mr. Allen, I’m sorry you had a micro penis, but that was no reason to take it out on the world.

Well, I assume they could at least spell his name properly.

Yeah? But could he?

Allin was a poor student at school, being placed in special education classes and having to repeat the third grade. According to his older brother, he experienced bullying by fellow students due to not fitting in. In his sophomore year of high school, he began attending school cross-dressed, which he said was inspired by the New York Dolls. When asked about his childhood, Allin said that it was “very chaotic. Full of chances and dangers. We sold drugs, stole, broke into houses, cars. Did whatever we wanted to for the most part – including all the bands we played in. People even hated us back then.”

I’m surprised he wasn’t a school shooter!

You left out his early childhood, which is the key to what followed. Just about every aspect of his life story became public after he died and it’s all on the web. School is for dullards and has devolved into little more than social programming–I’m not so quick to judge somebody’s intelligence because they were bad in school. Many sense it is a trap at a gut level and don’t react to it well. He wasn’t a moron. The guy stood at the crossroad of mediocrity and “fuck it” and chose “fuck it”. Some people have nothing to lose. That sort of reasoning has no place in civilized society–that’s why I like it.

And your arguments suck. Cherry-picking your facts. Typical libtard.

Sensitive? Yeah, his dad was religious nut. bla bla bla! This guy was literally a returd!

Where the fuck in this thread did I say “sensitive”? Christ, you people are fuckin’ dumb. You make up your own bullshit and then argue about it.

Hey returd!
I meant you’re sensitive! Your whiny suck ass diatribe about the school system. I went to school! Yeah, school sucks! Duh!

A. His music was far less than mediocre.
B. Because of this, he chose drugs and violent shock value to further his fledgling “music career”.
C. His future was a jail cell. (where assault and feces flinging is common place)
D. Because of this, he pussed out and OD’d. (most likely, intentionally) at a relatively young age.

You find this self destructive behavior as: smart? entertaining? artistic? What the fuck? What a sad and pathetic middle aged blogger you are!

Yep. I found his schtick and everything about the guy thoroughly entertaining and, no, I did not find it artistic or smart. I liked it. A lot of people liked it for a number of reasons. If you don’t get it, you don’t get it–a lot of people didn’t get it and that’s fine. And that isn’t what you meant–you just can’t frame an argument properly.

Aside from that, as I stated earlier, just about everything about the guy’s history is public knowledge, ruling out B, C, and D of your argument. And some dude with a lame handle like “David Kaos” is busting my chops? Spare me. You’re probably some dumb kid. At least I know this stuff (by which I mean ALL Punk Rock) is a joke, which undoubtedly has a lot to do with why I found / find a character like GG amusing. If everyone did his act it would be boring. I’ll admit it wasn’t all that original, but it was fun at the time. More fun than anything now–not that anyone would even tolerate a guy like this now. I could care less if you like this dude or agree with me or not, but it chaps my ass that there are no outlets for folks who get off (for whatever reason that may be) on this sort of thing anymore. I have a hard time believing people wouldn’t attend shows like his if they had them now–they just don’t have them. Or do you want to argue that they shouldn’t have his kind of shows?

I believe I own a gun or two. Or I mean I did until I lost them all, along with all my ammo in a tragic boating accident. A real tragedy that was.

Hey returd!
It’s not even my email address. By the way, just what do you do with these addresses? I bet you and your Nigerian con man lover sell them! Have you seen cable TV in the past few years? Most of the shows feature heavily tattooed scum in various scenarios, both real and feigned. Mr. Allin would of fit in just fine with today’s crop of tards. No, I’m not some kid, I actually saw this returd on day time food stamp TV, huffin’ and a puffin’ on a speedball back in 93.

Dude, you have no idea what is on the other end of this keyboard. For one thing, I hate tattoos. I have always hated them. It’s like these kids go out of there way to look stupid and is a huge pet peeve of mine. And I don’t watch television. I don’t even have my TV hooked up to an antenna. I could count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I watch TV a year. I never settled down and, more importantly, I don’t take my fun seriously. You could take a guy like GG at face value and either like it or don’t, something far less insidious than some shmoe trying to rope you in to their politics or religion, of which the Punk / HC was rife in those days, never mind all the other crap music that was around when GG bit the dust. If I want religion or politics I’ll go to their respective sources–not some shitty band. My $0.02 theory as to one of the reasons why so many people put up a fuss about this guy is that he detracted from the image they wanted people to have about the scene. Not that I’d ever expect anyone to admit it, but it seemed that way. If they want to take it seriously and look good to the mainstream, that’s their business. I always worked and pulled my own weight, including paying for my own college, while over half the ninnies were living off mom and dad, so I wasn’t too concerned about how good their scene looked to the rest of the world. If I did anything wrong, it was staying loyal far longer than I should have, but I sure don’t care now. Seriously, you could be the greatest thing since sliced bread these days and kids wouldn’t look up from their phones. That shit is dead as a doornail–I can’t fathom why they even bother and I seriously wonder what is to become of some of those people.

And no, I don’t mess with people’s emails! I get a lot of hack attempts, so I look at IPs from time to time.

Hey any chance you could post some stuff by these GG-related ensembles (Jonee & The Earthquakes + Stripsearch)? I think Jesus Christ himself played drums on the first Stripsearch.

Man, I wish I had that stuff, dude. I’ve never even heard Malpractice. I didn’t start getting into him until the late 80’s and that shit was pretty hard to come by even then. Merle used to sell a bunch of rare shit on cassette–I wonder what happened to those recordings? I figured they’d be all over the web by now, but I gave it the old college try and couldn’t find shit. There are a couple good sites that compile all the stuff he put his name on but the recordings themselves are somewhat elusive, aside from the stuff that never went out of print.

You’re not losing much with Malpractice, trust me. The 7″ (“Love Tunnel” b/w “Devil’s triangle”) is lousy old school rock. The B-side especially suck….

Yeah, I’ve heard nothing but bad things about it but I still want to hear it. I kind of have a thing for bad bar bands.

The Stripsearch 7″ is quite good. Decent Wave/Punk with barely distorted guitars. Yes, it was GG on drums and some gal singing. Stripsearch released another 7″ later on. Without GG, though…

Um, I have these things, um, they’re called friends.
Sometimes I watch their cable TV. Some of them even have tattoos. Especially gang and biker ones. Personally, I have none. No fuckin’ cop is ever going to profile me, or anyone else for that matter.
And no, I don’t know who’s behind the keyboard, and that’s the beauty of the “internets”. I’m sure you’re a real swell(asocial)guy!

Here are both sides of the Malpractice 7″ for yer listening pleasure 🙂

Thanks, dude. I could get through “Love Tunnel” OK, but “Devil’s Triangle” is brutal. Now I know.

Hi. Any chance of posting the ‘deathhouse tapes’ from ’83. Thats the one with GG, David Peel & the Jabbers in rehearsal….I used to have a copy from the TPOS store in CT……..thanks

I wish–I’m looking for that stuff myself. I honestly can’t believe that stuff hasn’t been shared on the web, yet.



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