2 Feb 2013, 9:24pm
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Midnight Cowpoke – S/T LP (197?)

midnight cowpoke

Just in the nick of time, I scored another one of these things, just in time for bloggin’.  As one may glean from the LP title, this is supposed to be a take-off on a popular movie, like that “Shaftman” record I posted a while back but, happily, this thing doesn’t have much to do with the plot of Midnight Cowboy.  Instead, we have a story about the adventures of Clyde, a Gomer Pyle sound-alike who recently came into some money and made his way up to the big city.  You see, Clyde has a problem.  Apparently, he has been waking up every morning with the thing between his legs being all hard and stiff and, obviously, the reason his member is all hard and stiff is because it is full of “poison”.  Thus, Clyde is forced to make his way up to the city and seek the services of Miss Marge and Miss Vicky, who just happen to be experts in the fine art of poison removal.  What luck!  Can Miss Vicky and Miss Marge get the “poison” out of Clyde’s penis in time?  Well, just hold onto your hats, as this non-stop thrill-ride of a record will have you on the edge of your seat as you find out!  With all the complicated plot twists and turns, it would be impossible for me to go any further in describing this riveting action thriller, but I will mention that, once again, it involves “the butt”.  You know the drill.

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Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

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ha…no one knows what to say about this one 🙂

My Dad told me he used to have this one back in the early ’70s; he liked the occasionally get these trashy XXX-rated porno-comedy albums and tapes by comedians like Gene Tracy, Dynamite, and this one. It was long gone by the time I came around, but he told me about this one a few times, some of the (very) bad “acting” and sound effects on it, and that the “free prize” inside was a rubber.

Actually, some of that Gene Tracy stuff is hilarious, but most of it seems to still be in print in some form or other. Posting it would be asking for trouble. Your old man had good taste!



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