Jack Elliott – “Thank God For Rednecks, Cowboys, Freedom Lovin’ People And The NRA” 7″ (1983)

Jack Elliott

I’ve decided that this year I’m really going to start getting more aggressive with my record collecting, as I have a little more money to devote to it and I miss the traveling.  And it’s not like these things are getting any easier to find.  I’ve also decided to start actively focusing more on these kinds of records and begin doling them out on the blog more often.  As you may have already gleaned, I rather fancy these things and if you don’t share my enthusiasm for this crap, you can kiss my lily-white dupa.

When I first found this puppy, I figured it was going to be some lame-ass comedy record or parody.  Nope.  It appears old Jack is dead serious and his delivery on this baby is almost pure perfection, sounding like he hasn’t taken a shit in a month and like he’s about ready to punch one of those “righteous people” repeatedly in the face.  Hard!  This thing is so over the top I can’t even continue describing it—he steals my thunder!  The flip is decent schlock, as well, although in somewhat rough shape.


Thank God For Rednecks, Cowboys, Freedom Lovin’ People and the NRA

I Don’t Take To Settlin’ Down

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I like Ramblin’ Jack better!
That’s right! I’m a Liberal!
So fuck you and Wayne LaPierre!

I love how you idiots build up a straw man and then argue against it. Find one place on this blog where I said I was a conservative? Just because I find most of your kind to be feeble-minded ninnies doesn’t make me conservative. It makes me a realist.

You’re not a conservative nor a realist.
You’re just a kook!

Typical libtard. Best you can do is name call, eh dipshit?



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