The Rhinehart Brothers – “We Belong To The Ku Klux Klan b/w The Klansman’s Friend” 10″ 78rpm (192?, 193?)


Yeah, I know I’m setting a new low by posting this one, but I’ll be setting it lower soon enough.  Just give me time.  Also, I have to say that the only thing more satisfying than picking up a ridiculously rare slab like this for $10 is knowledge that I still command the magnetism to attract total strangers to offer it to me!  As for the record, I think it speaks for itself and, while I don’t find the racist nature of it to be particularly surprising, I find the nature of the music itself somewhat perplexing.  What the hell did people do with this stuff?  It isn’t bluegrass, country or even danceable for that matter.  I suppose all you could do was kind of sit there and tap your foot to it.  Yeah, this baby is a real foot-tapper—better watch your ass!  So have at it, shmoes, but before you get your panties in a bundle, take note of 0:56 on “A Klansman’s Friend”, where we are assured that they are, in fact, “a jolly good bunch”—and why would he lie?  And, no doubt, those “big parades” were the bee’s knees.  Yes, quite a spiffy affair, indeed.  And, yeah, I know this is one of those rips that will be floating around the internet for all eternity.  Oh, well.  And surely, the remaining 150 members of this organization will be stoked that someone is playing their songs again!   I’ve also included some similar tracks with the download that were given to me on a bootleg cassette many years ago.  Two of the tracks appear to be by these same clowns and all the tracks sound even shittier than the tracks below.  Take it or leave it.  I included a scan of an old KKK songbook from the Poopy archives, as well.

As a slightly geeky aside, getting a halfway decent-sounding rip of this was a real pain in the ass.  Anyone else out there ever try messing with these old 78’s?  Even if you invested in one of those special 78rpm cartridges, you’d think all a modern system would do is pull the high end off it.




We Belong To The Ku Klux Klan

The Klansman’s Friend

Download HERE

I’ve ripped a few glass 78s and never really had any issue doing so. I just ripped some Wilf Carter stuff that I bought last week.

I’ll rip it at 45 and then convert it to 78 using Audacity 1.3 Beta and it sounds pretty good.


Brian Guy

I have very nice DJ quality turntable with a built-in pre-amp and will play 78rpm, but the cartridge can’t handle the record. Tried fitting it with an old cartridge that took 78rpm needles and all it did was pull the high end off it, even worse than the modern stylus. The turntable attached to my stereo does the same. Had to rip this thing with a good microphone positioned by the speaker of an old Motorola that has a mono filter for old 78’s. Pretty lame, but I wasn’t about to start investing $$$ for a medium that I have no intention of seriously collecting.

Totally understandable, it sounds fine the way you did it.


Brian Guy



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