31 Mar 2013, 1:13am
80's Punk / HC


No Experience Necessary – Compilation LP (1980)


Well, I’m not about to let the month of March go by without some posts, so here’s a few quickies.  It seems of late, I’ve been accumulating records more than listening to them and, in truth, I’m kind of burned out on staring at a computer screen these days, so I’m getting a little lazy about this stuff.  Sick of the crap non-internet in my area, too.  They still have copper wire phones, no DSL and, of course, no cable.  If Verizon didn’t have a tower nearby, life would truly suck, but the piece of shit can barely handle a YouTube video.  It gets old, unlike the contents of this record that, while old, never gets old.

So here we have another lesser known comp from back in the day, featuring bands from New Orleans, LA, circa 1980.  It’s pretty solid stuff, too.  Mostly Punkers or hard Power Poop.  No lame New Wave or filler—just pre-HC Punk that sounds its age, but is entirely listenable. Not your typical high-octane blazers, but not a dud in the bunch.  Very KBD-ish overall.

Rear Cover

Rear Cover


Backstabbers – Lunatic Fringe

Men In Black – Hot Pork

Shitdogs – Not Responsible

Download HERE

“HOT PORK! She’ll leave ya with what looks like RICE!” Awesome!

This is really good!! They all sound super British too. What a surprise. I feel like the Mandeville Mike tune has been covered before..

I think it’s pretty solid, but there doesn’t seem to be much interest in it. Not Class of ’77-79 and not HC or Class of ’81-’83. Sort of stuck between two popular eras, but it’s good US Punk for the most part.

Also excellent; very excellent, in fact. Excellent excellence. Liked the Mechanics track in particular. Shame it’s apparently underrated.



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