Buy-Bye MediaFire!


Well, it looks like MediaFire finally pulled the plug on me, without any warning or explanation as to how many “strikes” I’d racked up against my account. It appears that there are no set rules and they can just pull the plug on you as the whim strikes them.  Oh, well.  Fuck ‘em.  I pulled the plug on those guys a long time ago and switched all my files over to a new server months ago, figuring I’d wait until MediaFire started giving me shit again until I updated the links.  Basically, all they did was send me a violation notice about “Orgy Family”, but said nothing about my account being locked up.  I only hope that someone did, in fact, listen to “Orgy Family” to confirm what an alleged stinker I am.

At any rate, my site has now been cleansed all the evil, dirty MediaFire links and rendered pure with new, shiny Sendspace links—not that I didn’t have anything better to do with two hours of my time on my day off.  You’re welcome.  If you are a recent reader, note that this blog goes back almost four years and ALL FILES ARE ACTIVE.  Check them out.

As a side note, I’ve noticed traffic has been way up as of late, despite my lack of recent posts.  Makes me wonder who is snooping around.

Surprised they didnt kick you back in their old porn-cleanup. They tagged me 14 times for having bandnames and albumnames with the word fuck. Smart business plan on their end

It’s a free service, so I can’t completely crucify them. On the other hand, what do they think people are going to be using their service for in the first place? It takes time to upload all that stuff and to just delete your entire account is bullshit. Of course, I saw it coming but I’ve seen several blogs bite the dust because of that crap.

Well to be honest just like rapidshare it’s not really free if you want to utilize it to it’s full potential.

Well, I’m paying for the new guy so hopefully I’ll have more control over things. I don’t mind spending $8.99 a month for piece of mind. Megaupload was the best–the file sharing scene has been sliding slowly downhill since they disappeared. And I paid for them, too. They let you do whatever you wanted.

This place seems right up your alley if you’re not already familiar with it.
Most impressive, seems a proportionately small amount of their links are dead, even after 3+ years running.

Very cool. Thanks. I added that to my to-do list for this weekend. Some of his links look cool, as well.

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