30 Aug 2009, 8:49pm
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White Flag – “Third Strike” LP (1984)


This was one of my favorite records as a kid.  If this thing wasn’t on my turntable, then it was in the Walkman or the Poopy Mobile.  I never got why this band wasn’t more popular.  They were a California band and seemed to have a following out there and possibly in Europe, but in my neck of the woods no one even heard of them and I never got to see them live.

Band Photo

Al Bum, Pat Fear, Tracy Element, Jello B. Afro

I think this is the best White Flag record.  Their earlier stuff kind of sounded like the Germs and their later stuff drifted more and more towards Pop Punk.  The LP had tight guitars and fast songs that stayed on the Rock side of Punk without stepping into Hardcore.  Lyrically, the band was far ahead of their contemporaries and took shots at commies, phony anarchists and other taboo subjects with a blunt honesty that was much to my liking.  The band didn’t seem to take themselves too seriously, either, and, based on the band photos, I sure hope they didn’t—they seemed more like a punk parody band, but they rocked!  Fans of old West Coast punk should find something to like about this one.

Overlords Of The Underworld

Overlords Of The Underworld


Psycho Cop

Victors Of The Universe

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This one is down too.

The Mediafire link that is; I just saw the second link.

Yeah, I don’t know why I’m leaving the MediaFire links in there. Maybe on the vain hope that they’ll stop sucking. There’s about 18 other ones I’m slowly fixing. Most of the Mystic stuff seems to be down.



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