10 Oct 2009, 12:53pm
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Deprogrammer – S/T LP (1982)


Another forgotten band, released by the always-entertaining Mystic Records.  Apparently, these guys moved all the way from Texas to LA for the honor of being on Mystic and engaging the West Coast scene.  I can only assume it was short-lived, because no one seems to remember them.  This is an “OK” record, not your typical Mystic stuff, but more along the lines of mid-tempo punk, leaning more towards Joy Division and bands of a similar ilk—not that there is anything wrong with that, but it made them a bad fit for what was happening at the time in the US.  All in all, this is a pretty good blast from the past that deserved a better fate and is worth a listen.




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Hey Poopy! This album has had some time to steep i my brain, and the verdict is in. It was driving me nuts cause this album is so familiar; yet i knew I never heard it…Anyway doesn’t it kinda sound like old Sparks albums? I agree with the Joy Div comparison as well. Iwas actually surprised by the style of this record as a whole, some other site posted some of the tracks but left off the tracks that make it just “ok” .
I like bands that don’t fit with the time…especially in he face of an lame explosion of sameness syndrome that many fans of HRD-Core spawned. I can’t begin to tell you how bad I wish the whole ‘crusty’ guttery-stuff roots bands never happened. (as Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now uttered those infamous words, “THE HORROR”. Thank you>JH

Actually, I never really listened to Sparks, aside from an occasional MTV video and college radio so I can’t compare. I know these guys are borrowing from something else, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

I got a copy of “Decline Of Western Civilization Part III” a few months back. Ever see that thing? I always hated those crust fags and so-called “anarchists”. Those pukes are the bottom of the food chain and just want to drag everyone down to their level. Ever see an Alpha Male dressed in a ragged Punk uniform, stinking like shit, while drunk or drugged off his ass? So glad I have these losers fighting the “fascists” on my behalf–I sleep so much safer at night!!

Hi Poopy!
Have you ever heard “instant passion” of deprogrammer?

Yeah, but I don’t have it–it’s their first 7″. I know I’ve seen it blogged a couple times. Since we’re on the subject, it finally occurred to me who these guys remind me of: Killing Joke.

I will post some Sparks eventually. I got the box set when I moved to Ventura cty. for a year in ’03 and those dudes are from that area. A great band that gave me some cool ‘situational’ memories from that purchase like a having a new job, spending money like a madman, etc. etc…as their tune goes “Barbecutie! Barbecutie!” Ha ha you and Jughead are some of my favorite writers. Ha ha. The dregs of society. ha ha. Hey tryout SPORT OF KINGS by bustin’ my linkname if you like Joy Division as they are VERY similar, also, the Royal Assassins are much like Killing Joke over there at the blog. I did get the CONTROL movie from 2007, quite the ordeal for the Joy Division singer. Joy Division is greeeeat driving music that’s for sure. I’ll look for the 7″ tooo.



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