Decorative Bolster Pillow

Pillows are one of the crucial points of any bedroom décor. Beautiful decorative pillows make the bed look warm and inviting. Using the right kind of pillow may help you to achieve that perfect look you have seen in a magazine or television Queen Size (20×30 inches) Pillow Cases B0756XDCKJ.

There are many types of pillow available in the market. Tasseled pillow, fringed pillow, tufted pillow, decorative bolster pillows etc are few kinds used for decoration. Pillows are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to give any room a quick makeover. If you are bored with your bedroom, just try changing the pillows or add new pillows for a fresh look.

Decorative bolster pillows are cylindrical in shape. The special shape is the reason for their uniqueness. They may be oblong or oval cylinders. They are generally used in the bedroom. They are also known as tube or neck roll pillows. Decorative bolster pillows are used both for practical as well as ornamental reasons.

Those which are used only for decoration may be pretty short. The long ones are used for reclining and are positioned at the top of the bed. Combining these with other attractive throw pillows of different shapes and designs may help you to get a complete new look.

To get a fascinating look, it is advised to dress the pillows with covers made of attractive fabrics and patterns. Even a tastefully chosen cotton fabric may do the trick. Only the fabric chosen must go with the overall look of the room and must complement the whole decoration.

The right kind of arrangement with the right kind of pillows may help you to get an interesting decoration. The big decorative bolster pillows must be placed at the back. This layer may have three to five pillows. The number of pillow depends upon the size of the pillows as well as of the bed.

The next layer should be of slight smaller pillows. This time use lesser number of pillows, so that the pillows at the back are visible and a triangular pattern is formed. Subsequently, finish with a very showy single pillow or bolster. This way you may achieve the professional look.

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