How to Decide Which Type of Life Coach Is For You The Easy Way

The Coaching business is as diverse as the coaches out there. We all bring with us the life experiences and lessons, training, education, personality and values that we have to our approach to helping others through the coaching process.

This is a great thing, because like choosing a doctor, or mechanic, or friend, you can find one that speaks your language and ‘gets you’. I would definitely encourage you to check out several coaches before choosing one to ensure that you find a good fit.

It may be easier to ask yourself some questions to determine which type of coach would be the best place to start.

Am I looking to find a new career?
Do I want to figure out how to get the skills I am lacking for the next promotion?
If your answer to either of these is YES, then you may be looking for a CAREER Coach Financial coach.

Am I trying to figure out where I fit, what my purpose is?
Do I feel like there is something missing in my life?
A YES to either of these questions may mean a SPIRITUAL Coach would be best.

Do I find myself frustrated with the politics/people I work with?
Am I a new manager/supervisor needing to add to my skillset for success?
You may work best with a BUSINESS Coach.

How can I improve my health?
What sort of steps should I take if I want to feel better physically?
This is the perfect job for a good HEALTH/WELLNESS Coach.

Am I stuck in a relationship and don’t know how to change it?
Do I want to have more friends?
You may be looking to work with a RELATIONSHIP Coach.

Have I lost my muse?
Do I need to figure out how to put my creative talents to work for me?
This calls for a great CREATIVE Coach.

Keep in mind that these are some of the most popular types of coach specialties. There are more: Success Coaches, Small Business Coaches, Women’s Coaches, Family Coaches, Financial Coaches, Organizational Coaches, etc.

Many LIFE Coaches have two or more areas of expertise, i.e.Success and Financial Coaching, and as such could apply to your search in addition to ones who title themselves as “Financial Coaches”, or whichever type you are searching for.

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