Latest Smart Phones Accessories

Shock-Drop Cases

For a reasonable price, you can get vital protection for your fragile and costly smart phone. Compared to other smart phone accessories in the market, the Shock-drop case offers unparalleled protection. At the corners, the case is equipped with 10 mm of shock absorbing silicon. To reduce on bulk, it can thin down to 3.5 mm.

It also comes with a semi-rigid film screen protector. This keeps much of the beating your phone receives from your car keys at low ebb. It also ensures that your phone’s screen-touch sensitivity remains intact. These cases have rip-proof port covers which round out your smart phone package. They also have molded-in volume control phone lanyard B07ZQ2NTSG.

Orbit Camera Solution

In contrast to other camera apps in the market, this physical lens is made up of three different lenses. It comes with 2 optical zoom lens, 180 degree fish eye view and 67 x wide-angle lens. As a bonus, you could purchase a tripod to accompany it. It produces high quality images for blogging, interviewing and self shooting. Its case has an appealing retro design that is delightful to the eyes. The orbit camera solution is available in silver, black or red. The lenses are also available for sale individually.

iLuv ReF Headphones

These accessories come with a canvas exterior, hands free built-in mike, leather clad ear cups and a diaphragm made of titanium for enhanced crystal clear sound. For easy portability, these headphones are collapsible.

Amphibix Waterproof Case

This case comes in handy in the wettest conditions. It is capable of keeping your phone perfectly dry underwater. All the H2O audio are thoroughly tested to ensure that they are 100 percent waterproof. Your phone’s touch screen can be used right through this case. The clear case also enables you to take photos.

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