The Amazing Options For PDF Files

We all know just how important PDF files are in the business world, INTERNET world, and for just about anyone that writes books, reports, documents, and graphs. The benefits are tremendous for compiling all kinds of data into one source. On the other hand, in some cases, once this data is compiled you may need to add more or take things out and have no way to successfully split, merge, or combine PDF files. Today, the need to do this task is growing and there is an answer. One type of product on the market today will give you the ability to split, merge, or combine PDF files without all the hassles and time it took not long ago

You need a revolutionary software program with many benefits for splitting, merging, and combining PDF files. The list of features include splitting files without any cost, the ability to combine PDF files into one document and mix or blend PDF from separate files such as one from each file.

The amazing truth is with this type of software program is that you can even append encrypted PDF files to another PDF, split the PDF using a customized pattern, and process password protected files. When you need to gather information from several PDF files and combine into one presentation, with this product, your boss will be astonished at just how fast you finished the task.

Putting together a catalog for your business has never been so easy. You can use earlier PDF catalogs, split the older products with the newer ones, take out products you no longer sell, and add new ones without any problems at all.

The most popular solutions available on the INTERNET are PDF Sam and Adolix Split and Merge PDF.

Adolix Split and Merge PDF has free edition and a PRO edition. With the free version, you can merge five documents and only 50 pages are taken into consideration during the split process. The PRO version has no limitations. Another alternative to Adolix Split and Merge Free edition is Adolix PDF Converter PRO.

With this software program you have several more options including the ability to create PDF files from any application, merge more than PDF documents, manage the page order and use 128 bits encryption. Other benefits include the ability to print from any application using a virtual printer, built-in preview, built in PDF splitter, rotate pages, merge several files into one PDF, print documents one at a time, and a multi-language interface that supports English, French, and German. The program is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Instead of starting over creating work, you can now split, merge, or combine PDF files as well as export PDF pages as images, whole documents, and specific pages. Images such as BMP, JPEG, and TIFF are acceptable. The differences you will see between the standard and pro version include functions that are only possible with the pro version such as merge several documents into one PDF, change page order, erase pages, split PDF into smaller pages, color management, security and PDF compression. Both version offer PDF preview, open encrypted PDF, export PDF pages to BMP, JPEG, and TIFF, rotate pages, multi-language support, and includes batch companion.

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